Living Room Tour



I would describe the theme of my living room as modern century mixed with a classic twist!  I wanted to incorporate colour which you wouldn’t normally think of putting together and I wanted to have fun with a mixture of different materials and looks. I am so pleased with how the living room is looking but of course there is always improvements to be made. You can never have enough plants in my view, I think it completes the room, my aim is to have a forest! I also want to get into the boohoo look with hanging baskets which would make interesting features in front of boring plain walls.

The piece of furniture which I based the whole living room look on was my coffee table from West Elm which I ordered way before we even moved in! I knew straight away I wanted that coffee table so I had to arrange the other pieces around that. Little did I know the wood Walnut is not the most common when it comes to easy accessible and affordable furniture, but I think I made it work! I know West Elm is up there in the price but I think for the quality it’s defiantly worth splurging on.


I spotted the shelving unit one evening while browsing West Elm (like most evenings) and I more or less ordered it straight away. I knew I wanted to fill in that random space with a big unit, and when I saw West Elm made this walnut and antique brass one it was a no brainer. I am still in the process of styling the unit with various pieces, but I think it will be a slow process and I like the buy objects which mean something to me and I instantly like. I currently have a long wish list on Zara Home, they have some gorgeous original decorative objects, like my sand timer.


The main piece of furniture is defiantly my gorgeous sofas from Arlo and Jacob, which I stumbled across online and I am so glad I found that website. I was searching for a classic looking sofa that had super deep seats and that I could customise. The main stream companies just didn’t offer that. Arlo and Jacob is a UK based sofa company which still uses the traditional methods to ‘glue, screw and dowel’ their wooden frames as opposed to the simple stables that some other companies use. To me this was important because I have seen other peoples sofas not lasting very long and ending up like a saggy mess.



Finding a TV unit was the hardest task of my whole house decorating. I wanted a walnut unit but I couldn’t find one anywhere that would match the rest of the décor. My first choice was a unit from MADE which I did keep for a few weeks but the more I looked at it the more I realised it just didn’t compliment the rest of the room décor, even though it was made from walnut the finish was too modern. Swoon Editions saved the day, which I did original  look at but as I didn’t see any made from walnut I didn’t go with any of their units. This one caught my eye immediately, I loved the retro look with the antique brass legs. From what I saw online the wood looked more of less identical to my coffee table, so after many hours keep staring at this unit online I decided to grab it, and it fits in perfectly.


One of the questions that people usually ask me when they visit, was ‘how did you pick the colour scheme for your home?’ I guess maybe it’s because I didn’t go all white and beige like our previous home was. Paint colours were without a doubt one of the hardest decisions to make, probably because they’re one of the most important. What’s the point in putting all that hard work in if the paint colour isn’t right? We didn’t want to end up with a home that felt like it could have been anyone’s, we wanted to bring as much of our personality into it as possible. However, until this question kept coming up, I hadn’t even realised I had a “scheme” as such, I was just picking colours I loved and luckily they all seemed to work well together. All I knew was I wanted to be different than the popular beige and grey standard colours, I wanted DARK.


It all started with Farrow & Ball’s Inchrya Blue, that was the first colour I knew I definitely wanted. It’s been very on trend for a couple of years, but I still loved how different the colour looks in various lights. Farrow & Ball describes it as an aged blue grey however it shifts more of a green hue in our North facing living room. I love how dark and moody it makes the room especially as a back drop to the matt black fire place and walnut furniture. It also makes brass accessories stand out. It took me a while to figure out how much to use it, just in the living room? Across the entire back wall of the downstairs room? In the kitchen? But in the end I settled on the living room walls as well as a complimentary colour, which was Farrow & Ball’s Pavilion Grey. The subtle blue undertones of Pavilion Grey pairs so well with Inchrya Blue.


Deciding on a white to use throughout the house was tricky, THERE ARE SO MANY WHITES!  I didn’t want anything that swings too warm toned but I also didn’t want pure white as it’s too clinical and not “homey” enough. We tried greys but the darker parts of the house like the hallway made the greys look so muddy. We chose Farrow & Ball’s Wevet in the end, which is a delicate, almost translucent white and I’m so happy with it. It’s fresh and bright but soft at the same time. We used this on all the ceilings as well and it sits perfectly next to our other paint colour choices.

When it comes to brands we did mainly use Farrow & Ball, mainly for ease of ordering but also because their colours are what stood out to me the most. Their website is so easy to use and offer colour inspiration photos of how people used the colour and also colour schemes, so it was easy to see which colours pair well together.


I guess with paint, it comes to a point where you just have to be decisive and realise that it’s not the end of the world and that you can always re-paint one day. Everyone says not to paint samples directly onto the wall as seeing them next to each other can be confusing, and they’re right. Buy an A2 pad of paper, paint an entire page, cut off the white borders and blue tack them around the house to see the colours in different lights. Each time you decide on a paint, leave it alone and don’t keep going back to it, there’s a reason you were drawn to it so trust your instincts.


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