Summer Wardrobe Essentials

The sun is shining (at last) and this makes me want to shop for those summer essentials. The summer in the U.K is usually unpredictable with cloud and rain one minute and sunshine the next, the chances of having your legs out and arms without the goosebumps is a very small window. I love to buy things that I can wear with a cardi, or denim jacket so I get the wear out of it, I also think accessories are what makes a summer outfit! There’s nothing worse than being ill-prepared, sweating your balls off in a jumper and jeans, missing out on that rare but important tanning moment. The consequences of not being kitted out on these rare, but blistering days aren’t all that appealing. So that’s why in April, my summer wardrobe is already on my mind.

I’m hoping that burst of summer a couple weeks ago is a sign of things to come., and if so I need to be better prepared. So I thought it was worth chatting about the wardrobe essentials that’s hot in the shops now. Because that’s the thing I find Summer clothing is never around for long or your size always sells out, and before we know it Autumn stock is back in and the Summer clothes that nobody wanted are sent to the sale.

Summer Dresses

For me the hardest thing to buy is dresses that are suitable for work. Summer is all fun and games until you have to melt on the train into London with no air con and some sweaty man’s armpit in your face, GAG! I need a dress that is comfortable, so this usually means cotton, with the perfect midi length that doesn’t cling to me. Oh and also with some sort of sleeve. Yes I know this sounds like a mission, and believe me it is.

Warehouse usually deliver when it comes to work clothes and I am so sad my local work Warehouse has closed down (my purse is loving it). I have got my eye on this Bamboo dress which looks really flattering, the only thing that I’m not sure of is the tie ring that usually keeps undoing when I wear them. They also have the same print in a shirt dress which I love and will definitely be purchsing. This spotted shirt dress will be a great all year rounder, and is super smart and flattering. Navy seems to be the theme for me this year lol.

For that perfect ‘throw on’ dress I am loving this Asos stripe off the shoulder mini dress. It is super cute and would look perfect on holiday or a day shopping. Yes it’s also navy! It does come in so many other colours if navy isn’t your jam.



Once a sandal becomes popular it sells out with a blink of an eye. What’s that all about, eh? It’s a category of my wardrobe that I’m really expanding this year as I always find I never have any nice sandals and I practically live in flip flops all summer! I love the fact I can just slide on a shoe and go.

Topshop are killing it right now in the sandal category. The Topshop Fever strappy sandals are my current favourites for the fact that they are super soft and they’re real leather which is a must if you don’t want sweaty feet. The colour is my current obsession and will easily brighten up any outfit. If you fancy a toe-covering, slip-on sandal then & Other Stories have your back with these Woven Spot Slips Ons. which are gorgeous in my favourite leopard print design. If you’re not a leopard print fan like me, they also come in    Black Braided Slip Ons . If you’re a heel kinda gal these Topshop clog inspired sandals are rather beautiful and not too high for that everyday wear. Oh and they are super comfy.


Straw Bag

I LOVE STRAW BAGS. They’re just so darn cute. And as we don’t have the most reliable summer weather they’re a good sign-post accessory to add to any outfit even if it is raining!. So many shops are selling straw bags it can be a bit overwhelming, and because if you are like me and you are running out of closet space and you need to pick that one perfect bag I picked out my favourites.

I’ve scouted around and I reckon that Mango have the best range in, in fact this handmade coffer bag is my ultimate favourite. It looks super expensive too! It also comes in a round version which is slightly less bulky, and also in black for those whose wardrobe is on the dark side. If you’re after a beach bag this Topshop monkey embroidered bag is a good pick because it’s HUGE and can be fit your entire life in it.



A good pair of shorts is so important in my suimmer wardrobe. The perfect partnership to a t-shirt or cute vest for those causal days. I always find myself reaching for a pair or shorts more than any other piece of clothing because my weekend is usually always low key. I take the dog for a walk, I pop to the high street for some essentials or I’m doing the boring weekly food shop. If I’m on holiday my shorts will always be the chosen outfit for a visit to the beach, perfect to slip on with your bikini top. (oh I love holidays). Is it me or do you find it hard to find denim shorts these days that don’t go show your bum? I mean, if your 18 and on the beach fair enough, but when I’m food shopping I’m sure that’s the last thing people want to see.

I can’t live without these Monsoon denim shorts, they are the perfect fit on the waist, leg and bum. I also love the colour denim, as it very flattering. For something with a bit of a pattern I love these Topshop Gingham Broidery short which have an elasticated waist…say no more! And finally everyone needs a pair of beach shorts, which needs to be easy to put on and super comfy. Asos have a wide range of little beach co ordination sets. I love this black and white version.




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