For this week’s beauty review I took the opportunity to try out Bobbi Brown’s new Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm. As part of the Illuminating Nudes Collection, this skin-boosting moisture balm promises to help energize tired, dull skin and restore its natural glow.


Described by Brown as being a “Cinderella cream,” the balm can be applied before makeup to your face, neck and decolletage, or it can be patted over foundation for a subtle glow.

This isn’t a primer, nor is it technically a highlighter. It’s a moisturiser that has a hint of extra fine pearl running through it. There is no trace of chunky glitter just a beautifully smooth pearly lotion. I never knew an illuminating moisturiser was even needed in my makeup routine, how wrong I was.


Does this Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm take the place of your regular moisturiser? Perish the thought! Well, it might, if you’re in a hurry (it certainly is moisturising) but I’m a skin care fanatic so I will never skip on my morning skincare regime. You can apply the   Bobbi Brown moisture balm after all my skincare or mixed in with my foundation to create a dewy, light coverage finish.

There are 3 shades to choose from ‘Bare Glow’, ‘Pink Glow’ and ‘Golden Glow’.  I picked  ‘Golden Glow’, which adds some warmth and shine to my olive skin tone, without that greasy feeling or look.  Because of the fairly creamy texture, I find that gives skin a bit of a hydration boost, and feels soft and supple. The very fine pearlized shimmer smooths out to give skin a very subtle radiant sheen that tricks the eye into seeing healthy, radiant skin, without seeing the shimmer. I also love the ylang ylang smell, it so good I could eat it!



I find when I apply my foundation it blends out so much quicker and smoother with the moisture balm underneath. You can see the glow peaking through which I love and it makes your make up look so much more natural. Bobbi Brown doesn’t claim that this balm fills in pores however when I finish my makeup and look in the mirror my pores don’t seem as noticeable and I have less texture on my skin. I also find my foundation sits  better on my skin and wears so well during the day without any fading or patchiness.


Another thing I like is the packaging. The pump twists up, which makes it very portable and unlikely for covers to fall off and have your makeup bag filled with shimmery lotion. But most importantly, the pump is easy to control so you can dispense just the right amount, which in this case is “Not too much!” A little goes a long way, and we could all do with some subtlety!

The only con I could find about this product is the price. At £44.50 it will certainly leave a small dent in your purse, however you only need a small pea sized amount of this product so it will last you a very long time. The effect it gives to your skin is so beautiful I think the price tag is definitely worth it if your looking for that special glow step in your makeup routine.

Have you tried the Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm?

What’s your favourite shade?



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