The 5 Steps To A Flawless Base


Step 1: Find your perfect colour

To find the perfect colour match for your foundation you need to test the foundation on your jawline and check in natural daylight. The colour is correct if it disappears without blending. I personally match my colour to my neck as I usually fake tan my body and leave my face as I have sensitive skin. I always ask for a sample before I dive in and buy the actual foundation. Everyoneโ€™s skin is different so a well-loved foundation of someone else may not mean it will be your favourite foundation. Also the foundation market is so competitive with many different varieties of finishes you need to do a wear test to figure out what works best for your need and skin.

Step 2: Prep your skin

For the perfect canvas, make sure your skin is clean and moisturised. I always wait a couple of minutes to let the moisturiser sink into the skin before applying foundation. I love primers and I notice a big difference when I donโ€™t use them. There are so many primers to choose from depending on what you are after. I personally love a smoothing, pore filler as I want my make up to last all day and look flawless. I also love a glow primer for my evening make up as I think it helps give radiance to the skin. You can also use a primer alone on no makeup days for a quick complexion smoother.

Step 3: Swipe it on the right way

Personally my favourite way to apply foundation is with a dense foundation brush, and I stipple the foundation into my skin before I buff it out. This creates the maximum coverage. I use the Morphe M439 or the Real techniques sculpting brush. To get an airbrushed finish, blend makeup all over, including the eye area, starting in the middle and working your way out. For extra flawless looking skin go over your base with a damp beauty blender.

Step 4: Do concealer after foundation

If you apply concealer before foundation youโ€™ll use more than you need, and that will result in a cakey under eye area. Applying foundation first will also act as a base for the concealer so it will stay crease-free. The tip for a natural, airbrush base is to look for a lightweight liquid concealer in a colour one shade lighter than your skin. Going too light looks fake. For maximum coverage I like to leave my concealer sitting on the skin for a few minutes before I blend it out with a damp beauty blender. If tough little skin flaws arenโ€™t quite covered by your foundation, dab on a tiny bit of concealer and leave to set before blending out. I find blending flaws with a flat foundation brush will make sure the coverage is there.

Step 5: Finish with luminous or translucent powder

Unlike old matte versions, a luminous finishing powder won’t suck the life out of your face. There are many translucent powders on the market that reflect the light help skin glow and take down shine. I often reach for a translucent powder because I find it makes my foundation last longer and it looks so natural. On heavy coverage evening glam I do reach for a tinted powder for that maximum coverage. Dust powder on in a W motion. Starting at your hairline on one side, swoop down to your cheekbone, up to the bridge of your nose, back down the other cheek, then up again to the opposite hairline.

Are there any must have steps you take for a perfect base?



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