If all else fails…do a fitness DVD!


Lets face it, there isn’t always enough time in the day to go to the gym for an intense, long workout. Sometimes you need a quick fix where you can be done in 20minutes. Run out of gym clothes? Not a problem, you can work out in your PJs! There is literally no excuse to get the heart pumping and burn calories. I love a fitness DVD, I would be lost without my little stash of calorie burners. Below are my top 5 DVDs to really push you through your paces, all in the comfort of your own home. These aren’t easy, but if you really push yourself you will 100% see results.

Davina Intense

As per usual for Davina DVD’s, the workout is broken down into sections which you can do individually, or altogether for a serious workout. The three main sections covered are:

  • Intense Cardio Box – fantastic combination of boxing moves and high speed interval training.
  • Intense Toning – brilliant mix of toning exercises with weights, and more high speed interval training.
  • Intense Abs – A high velocity workout for your six pack and core muscles.

The best section in my opinion is Cardio Box. I really enjoy boxing type moves, and going at it very very hard (for 30 seconds) and then getting a break. If you are crazy like me, you can train abs in the break sections, however if you are a beginner you can rest and knowing a break is not far away really encourages you to hit it hard when you need to.

Whether you are a tried and tested fan of Davina’s workouts or are new and want to try something different, this is a high quality progressive workout that will get you moving.

HIIT 10 minute solution

HIIT, or high intensity interval training, is the popular Tabata-style workout, which incorporates short bursts of energy with quick, “catch your breath” breaks. It’s one of the most effective ways to burn calories, rev up that metabolism and get fit.

Beginners, intermediates and advanced levels alike will benefit from five distinct mini training sessions in this workout DVD. Each 10-minute routine starts with a super quick warm-up and includes eight separate exercises executed in sets of two. There’s no need to count reps or watch the clock, follow the instructor, do as many reps as you can, rest and repeat.


Here’s the lowdown on the different 10-minute workouts in the DVD:

  • HIIT 101 is a fat-burning total-body workout that’s reminiscent of schoolyard playtime. Big movements get big results and will make you feel like a kid again. Giggle and have a little fun with frog jumps and the crab dance.
  • UPPER BODY HITT emphasizes the torso, especially the chest and shoulders. Push-up variations, mountain climbers and the body pendulum stress the upper body and keep that heart rate elevated.
  • HITT EXPLOSION gets that heart pounding with high-powered jumps and plyometrics. Single-leg burpees, knee tucks and challenging donkey kicks makes this one tough workout.
  • ROCK BOTTOM HITT targets everybody’s favorite large muscles, those glutes. It uses dynamic moves like skater jumps and sumo jacks to lift and tighten that booty.
  • AB HIIT is 10 minutes of fast-paced core-strengthening moves. Bear tucks, twists and rotational planks really target those obliques and shape the waist.

Don’t let all the silly exercises fool you; this is one tough, but extremely fun workout. I totally love it and it always leave me a sweaty mess.


Vicky Paterson 7 Day Slim

This workout has been devised by a team of fitness experts, including the British long jumper Chris Kirk, personal trainer Robbie Thompson and fat-loss expert David Souter, The DVD includes 6 workouts in total, with each one around 10 minutes long. The 7-day plan is designed to do 1 day at a time until you can complete the whole 7 days in one go. I break all the rules and go straight in with 3 sections per workout. The good thing about these routines are that they are very short, but very intense at the same time.

The workouts target every area of the body and get progressively harder, and the real benefit is that you don’t need to use any kind of equipment at all because they include exercises such as lunges, gorillas, planks, squat jumps, hip lifts, punches, sprints and burpees, for example, which are all based on bodyweight resistance.

In addition, each workout has its own warm-up and stretch section to help prevent any injuries or cramping of the muscles.

David Haye Box & Tone



The DVD consists of six sections. As the menu suggests you can either work your way straight through all six sections. This will take you approximately one hour and forty minutes.


  • WARM UP. (15 minutes) It is a good energetic warm up that gets you ready for the workout ahead. To anybody that is only just staring to exercise this might even be a good work out to begin with for your first time before moving onto anything more strenuous.
  • SHADOW BOXING. (21 mins) This workout consists of jabs, hooks, uppercut and the ‘Hayemaker’ and also incorporates a defensive movement where you first rock forward stand back up and then rock backward. This is the least taxing of the workouts but is still a good cardio workout. It does get your heart rate going.
  • CURCUIT TRAINING (16 mins) Squats, press ups, star jumps, leg thrusts and squat jumps. All five are simple exercises but repeated 4 times and you will feel the burn big time. This sections leaves me breathless and sweating, and I would call myself pretty fit.
  • CONDITIONING (22 mins) Sumo squat, military press ups, lunges, L thrust and spotty dogs. Again the workout gets more difficult and the military presses are the killer. In this section you perform each of the five exercises, four times each.
  • ABS/CORE STRENGTH (17 mins) The exercises are plank, rotation crucifix, alternate knee plank and an exercise David Haye swears by, the Hayemaker crunch. Again the exercises are staggered between thirty second exercises and thirty second breaks.
  • WARM DOWN (15 mins) The warm down is a series of stretches that are very important. After any form of exercise a warm down is important.

I would recommend trying the David Haye box and tone workout. When you break it down it is a very basic workout but it does exactly what its supposed to. There’s no point In working out if you aren’t going to get hot and sweaty and feel tired afterward. It will suit anybody from being a beginner to anybody with a high fitness level.


Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism

This 40-minute workout is made up of seven 6-minute circuits of varying workout styles, and it has more variety than I expected. It requires no equipment but your own body weight, either, which offers a great cardio workout. It’s ideal, in this case, for people who either already do a strength workout 3 times a week, or for people are looking to do more cardio work without sacrificing resistance like I was – and simply for people looking to burn fat effectively. But it’s not an easy workout at all.

The seven circuits are as follows:
  • kickboxing is perfect as the first circuit, as it’s fun to do so you’re eased into the workout with a bit more enjoyment, but after that the real work begins.
  • high impact circuits consist of things like burpees, standing mountain climbers, jump squats and so on, and are the most demanding circuits.
  • calisthenics consist of butt kicks, high knees, jump rope and so on – simpler and lower-impact exercises that still keep your heart rate up while allowing you to get some of your breath back from the steady pace.
  • abs are as it sounds: a circuit with more ab-targeting, though that’s not to say you’re just crunching. You continue to work your whole body even in the abs section, but you get almost a full 6 minutes to get your breath back ready for the next kickboxing set.
  • kickboxing
  • high impact
  • calisthenics

Though the style of circuit repeats, the moves themselves do not. Both kickboxing circuits are different from one another, as are the high impact and calisthenics circuits. So if there’s a move you hate, you only have to do it in that one circuit. Burpees are my worst move, and though I hate them, I never, ever skip them because they’re effective. And I remind myself of that fact, as well as “it’s only one circuit” through the whole set.

This workout is tough, but it’s managable. 40 minutes is a long time, and the idea of 7 circuits feels even longer, but once you see the circuits and how different they are from one another, you find that the workout doesn’t feel like 40 minutes, it feels like 6, 6, 6, 6 and so on. The variety of circuits offered helps to break the workout up and make it feel less demanding.


What is your favourite fitness DVD?


Katherine x



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