REVIEW: Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation

Winter is nearly upon us and so begins the lack of vitamin D and pale lack lustre skin. All through the summer months I haven’t really worn foundation so now I am in a foundation obsessed faze where I just want to find my perfect base. I have many foundation which I love, however not all of them pass the 12 hour work day test. I like my bases to look completely undetectable on the skin, give an evening-out amount of coverage, have a high score in the longevity stakes and have a dewy look to them. The only thing with this brief is that long-lasting and dewy don’t fuse together too well. I’m not fussy at all!

I managed to find the (almost) perfect base in the Nars Sheer Glow, it packs in the coverage in an extremely natural way and gives serious glow. The only thing it lacks in is longevity. Sure, it hangs around for a decent amount of time, but on my London-bound days by the time I finally look in a mirror in the afternoon, I feel like it’s starting to slip and slide. I needed something that lasted and I was willing to give up a bit of glow for it and I’ve found the perfect compromise in Giorgio Armani’s Power Fabric Foundation.


I was on the fence whether to buy this as I don’t have a store near me that sells Giorgio Armani, so i couldn’t go and get colour matched, however I just used the online foundation finder (which I found very helpful) and ended up with shade 6, which is perfect. Now this is a new direction for me. It’s nowhere near as dewy as I normally reach for however I am seriously loving the natural matte finish. It’s undetectable on the skin (tick!), the coverage is insane, yet natural-looking (tick!) and boy does it last (tick!).  This has left me wanting more matte foundations…


First, let’s talk application. I tend to put a hefty amount of the BECCA backLight Priming Filter underneath to add a good amount moisture to my skin and to avoid looking too flat once I put Power Fabric on top. I dot the foundation over my particularly ruddy areas then I blend it out with my Morphe 439 buffer Brush or Real Techniques sculpting brush. The formula is pretty thin considering the coverage and so it doesn’t take long to blend at all and the end result is a soft, but considerably even looking finish. I do find this foundation sets pretty quick, and doesn’t leave a tacky finish to the skin, my skin also feel like it can breath and not weighed down by a heavy layer. There’s none of the dryness that you might usually find with a longwear foundation – some of them can cling awfully to flaky bits, if you don’t prep your skin well, or they can gather around the nose and chin and look cakey and wrong. Not a problem with Power Fabric.


The real reason that I’ve fallen for this though is the fact that I look in the mirror six hours after application (often longer) and it still looks pretty darn good. Of course there’s always a light shine on my chin and in between my eyebrows, however the foundation hasn’t separated (like Nars) and it is still covering up any imperfections. This foundation is not mentioned enough in the YouTube world but it should be! This foundation is in my top 3 of all time. Real talk, eh? Yep, it’s that good



Have you tried Power Fabric? What do you think? You can find it at House of Fraser if you want to take a look online – it’s £40.





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