Are you considering getting the new Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette?  This eyeshadow palette has been hyped up for the past few months on Instagram, and I finally gave in and purchased mine from Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette (£56) inspired by opulent Dubai sunsets, it is a 18-pan palette that features eight mattes, six “Pressed Pearls,” three “Duo-Chrome Toppers,” and one “Pure Glitter.”

– 8 x Matte Eyeshadows in Blazing, Saffron, Amethyst, Oud, Amber, Eden, Musk, and Desert Sand.
– 6 x Pressed Pearl Eyeshadows in Turkish Delight, Angelic, Cashmere, Royal, Nefertiti, and Blood Moon.
– 3 x Duo-Chrome Topper Eyeshadows in Retrograde, Twilight, and Celestial.
– 1 x Pure Glitter Eyeshadow in Cosmo

The mattes are supposed to be “highly-pigmented” and “butter-smooth.” The formula has a chalkier, drier feel to them–almost sandpapery in a way–with a thin texture that has slight to moderate powderiness in the pan. However when applied to the lid they are beautifully pigmented and easily buildable to the colour you desire. If you are a beginner  to make up these shadows are a dream to blend with no full out. Something I noticed was that while the matte shades looked fairly matte on the lid, most of them had very tiny, almost imperceptible micro-pearl in them.

The “Pressed Pearls” are supposed to be “rich” and “add depth and intensity” and can be used alone or layered over the mattes. The consistency of the formula was creamier and slightly denser, but the eyeshadows never felt stiff or difficult to pickup on a brush. These were the ones that applied well with a brush, though I noticed a couple did not appear as metallic after blending as they did initially. I would recommend applying these with a wet brush (I use Mac fix+) or apply with your finger to get the full intensity, which I personally find is then best outcome for a beautiful metallic finish.

The “Duo-Chrome Toppers” are “ever-changing illusions” so the colors are designed to shift. The brand recommends blending these “into the base shadow with a brush or apply with finger to maximise the reflection.” The best technique I found for these shadows was using a flat, synthetic brush dampened or even using a light adhesive on the brush.  The shades can transform based on their base shadow.  They look great with no base, but if you put it on top of a matte shadow as a base, the matte colors can transform the Duo Chrome Toppers into unique new colors.Twilight is what dreams are made of, it’s such a unique and beautiful color.

The “Pure Glitter” is described as a “ready-to-go formula” that can be “dabbed on with a flat brush.” To use this, I would recommend using an adhesive or patting over a cream product. I purchased the Lit Cosmetics clearly liquid glitter base. This works amazingly with this shadow, you dip your brush into the adhesive then dip your brush into the glitter, and apply to your lid. This shadow will definitely not work dry, you will find it will fall down your face like glitter tears.

Overall this palette is BEAUTIFUL, I could just stare at it all day. I love the colour range and really enjoy playing around with endless looks this palette can provide. There are shadows that you need to use different techniques, however the overall outcome is worth it. My new favourite palette!



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