My Autumn wardrobe essentials

Every year I think my winter wardrobe is complete but then the following year rolls in and my wish list is never ending! Mid-heeled ankle boots still remain a category that is never quite satisfied, I could own hundreds of pairs of boots but always want more. I’m a right fuss pot when it comes to boots and usually like my styles to be round toed which make my size 8 feet appear dainty and cute, well as dainty as they can be. Topshop is smashing it this year, at one point I had 5 pairs in my basket! I eventually talked myself into dwindling down to two pairs. I went for a red studded sock boot, that will go be ideal with my jeans or a sexy leather mini. I have never owned a red pair of boots, however seeing as this is the winter colour for 2017 I thought I would be daring. Paired with black jeans and a fluffy black jumper or a blouse for evening wear would be a great alternative to brighten up any outfit. The second purchase was some on trend western style taupe boot, a staple for a weekend shopping or a trip to the cinema.


westernbootsred boots


This summer I purchased some light denim mom jeans. Why haven’t I purchased these before? Don’t get me wrong I love a good skinny jean, but when I want to go to the cinema and binge on popcorn or go out for dinner without having to undo my button these are a perfect alternative. So for winter attire I decided to buy a black pair of straight leg jeans from Topshop’s tall range. They are cropped to the ankle, which is ideal to pair them with boots, and they have a edgy raw hem which I am loving. It gives a different look compared to my normal skinny jeans.



I’ve come to accept that I’m just not really a heels gal, don’t get me wrong I would love to be able to walk around in 6inch stilettos but I was stretched on a rack when I was younger so being 5ft11 is tall enough for me. Besides my poor feet just can’t hack it, they scream out for a good cushiony sole. Over the summer I’ve gravitated towards trainers at every opportunity, I could even get away with wearing them to work as I was rocking this edgy look of smart clothes with a trainer (how cool am i), but now ‘winter is coming’ I can’t really pull off that black tight/trainer combination, so I went on the hunt for a comfy smart loafer. I found a great dupe for the famous Gucci Brixton Horsebit loafer in the trusty Topshop called Karpenter loafer, they are a super soft leather which is a bonus and are extremely comfy. I am already obsessed and can predict me pairing these with my straight leg jeans with a blouse or jumper loosely tucked  in. I am still eyeing up the Gucci loafers though, they even sell them in red!

guccitop loafer


The main reason why I love cooler weather dressing is because you can wear a top that is basically a blanket and it’s completely socially acceptable. Love it or hate it, chenille is making a comeback, with that familiar soft and fuzzy yarn appearing in stores across the UK. If you wore it first time around and are looking forward to its return then you’ll be interested to see how, if at all, the fashion has evolved. If you didn’t love it in the 90’s you might just be persuaded the second time around to give it another chance. I bought mine from Marks and Spencer in the shades rusty orange (my heart skipped a beat when I saw this colour), and an essential cream colour. They are so soft and cosy I can’t wait for the chilly weather so I can rock these with my Mom jeans.




When it comes to wardrobe staples it doesn’t get much cooler than a leather jacket, the only downside is once the cold weather strikes the smart leather jacket will not keep you toasty and warm. I found the perfect oversized leather jacket with a fur lining in Warehouse. As soon as I saw it hanging on the rail I knew I had to have it even before I tried it on. Oh my goodness this is the softest jacket I have ever felt, and will be ideal for dressing up or dressing down any outfit without feeling the chill.

What is your wardrobe essentials?








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