The must-have leggings from Gymshark

Recently I have fallen in love with the brand ‘Gymshark’. Being a tall girl (5ft11), I thought buying full length leggings would be impossible, however Gymshark has shown me the light! Every gymshark legging I own fits like a glove, they also look amazing and feel super comfortable. Below Is my review on my favourite gym leggings of all time, I am literally obsessed and I buy something from Gymshark at least once a month! ADDICTED. My excuse is I train better with a new workout outfit, and it even makes getting up at 5am less painful…just a tiny bit.

Questions that you ask before buying leggings:

  1. Are they going to be see-through, especially when I squat?
  2. Will they be too long and bunch around the ankles?
  3. Are they going to fall down if/ when I decide to go for a run?


Flex leggings


A legging that gives extraordinary butt shaping and contouring, no wonder this is Gymshark’s most famous legging. The name says it all. These leggings are perfect for flexing, and to make matters better, they’re totally squat-proof. That’s right … there’s actually leggings out there that aren’t see through! If you ever want a confident boost in the gym then I would highly recommend the flex, you can achieve an instant perky bum and contoured legs.

The flex leggings are made from a polyamide,  polyester,  and elastane, to be precise. This essentially just makes them feel luxuriously soft and fit seamlessly, I always feel super comfortable when wearing these leggings even when sweating out on a HIIT session, I never feel like I need to rip them off. With an elasticated performance waistband that sits just below the waist, you don’t have to spend half your workout pulling up your trousers. They have a physique contouring design, that flatters the leg and allows the booty to pop.

I wear a size Small




Fit leggings

These are my most recent purchase. I admit I was never ‘bothered’ about these leggings, on the website they looked sheer and not hugely flattering. Oh how wrong I was.

With their highly recognizable colourful and branded waistbands, these too would be hard to miss. OK, so they don’t have the contour design that points to all the right places, but they are hands down the comfiest and most versatile gym leggings on the planet. As a bonus, they’re also super flattering. Comfy and flattering?! It’s no wonder I seize every opportunity to wear them; it’s a good thing they come in a variety of colours.


The fit leggings sit perfectly on the waist and hug you in all the right places. They too, are totally squat-proof AND sweat-proof too – now that’s a combination that’s hard to find. So, if you’re unlike me and enjoy a sweaty cardio session or perform HIIT workouts on a daily basis, these will be a life changer for you. If you’re not a cardio go-er, I can still guarantee these won’t let you down.

The fit leggings are made from 80% nylon and 20% Elastane, hence why they’re so breathable yet so comfy. The nylon allows or a snug fit that is really flattering for any figure. The fit leggings also have an additional feature on the inside of the waistband whereby an elastic grip helps them to stay up. The denier of the leggings is slightly thicker than most which means there’s no way you’re going to be left see-through and also makes them super comfy and super versatile. Seriously, you can wear them for almost any occasion.

I wear a size small



Seamless leggings


With their stunning and form fitting shape, the Seamless High Waisted leggings are beautifully different to my other leggings. They are a knitted fabric, similar to the flex however the seamless are a thinner material., perfect for summer workouts!

The Seamless leggings are made from 59% Polyamide, 34% Polyester, 7% Elastane and   has moisture wicking capabilities and an ultra-lightweight feel. The Seamless leggings are super high Waisted and are great with crops tops or a matching sports bra. The delicate lace at the ankle, ribbed detailing, and fabric shading make these leggings take any outfit to the next level. The leggings look delicate however they are 100% sweat proof but I feel not all of the colours are squat proof. I feel the grey and black are not totally squat proof, but they are not completely see through.

I wear a size small



Dry Sculpt leggings


The Sculpture Leggings are high-waisted and flexible exercise leggings, with a hidden pocket perfect to fit your phone or IPod. On me these leggings aren’t as sweat proof as the other leggings however they are beautifully high waisted and supportive for those bloated days, these are also my go to when I don’t know what to wear! I have so many gym outfits and colour combinations sometimes a plain legging is all you want. I love to pair these leggings with a cute crop t-shirt. These leggings also come in a variety of colours, I am still waiting for Gymshark to design a khaki pair, how amazing would they be.

The dry sculpt leggings are made from  87% Polyester and 13% Elastane, which make them my thickest legging I own. The legging is very comfortable and you feel  controlled and secure no matter how tough your work out.

I wear a size small




If your looking into buying Gymshark leggings I would 100% advise starting off with my ultimate favourite, the Flex legging. There are so many beautiful colours to choose from, and the contour details is something I have never seen before. To top all that off the material of these leggings are the ultimate comfort.







One thought on “The must-have leggings from Gymshark

  1. I absolutely hated the flex leggings, they were either too loose on the legs and too tight on the waist or the opposite. It was a lose/lose for me. The seamless leggings are fucking amazing though! and I enjoy the Nikki Blacketter ones as well (though they are not squat proof) ❤


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