Laura Mercier Soufflé Body Crème Review

For someone who gets super dry skin, I am the worst at remembering to moisturise my body consistently. Body lotion is up there with using a heat-protectant and sunscreen; I just tend to forget or basically to lazy to apply. Plus, some body butters are too thick and hard to absorb, while most lotions aren’t hydrating enough for me to bother using. Plus, I tend to be fickle with scents, unless I find something that I absolutely adore.

I recently picked up the Laura Mercier Soufflé Body Crème after hearing Tati Westbrook recommend it in several of her favourites videos.  I went to my local Space NK and after using my lunch hour smelling all of them (several times), I was torn between them all,  Creme Brûlée, Fresh FigAmbre Vanille and Almond Coconut Milk. I went back to the office absolutely reeking of hundreds of combined scents, I must of choked everyone in my office! I ended up taking Ambre Vanille home, after asking 20 opinions and taking way longer than acceptable to choose a body lotion.


And… I’m in love. This scent was inspired by Laura’s French upbringing, of the aura and aroma of the French patisserie.The scent is a modern fragrance of comfortable sensuality. The quiet sensuality of Amber blends with the warmth of Vanilla, which are enhanced with fresh notes of Tangerine and Tiger Orchid, delicious notes of Almond and Brown Sugar and a final hint of musky Sandalwood for a finish that is soft, intimate and absolutely addictive. They all blend to create a delicious and warm fragrance without being overwhelming. The scent is so strong I tend not to wear perfume with it, and the fragrence lasts all day and even lingers on my clothes until I wash them. I always get asked what perfume I’m wearing every time I use the Laura Mercier Soufflé Body Crème.

TOP NOTES: Tangerine, Coconut, Almond
MID NOTES: Tiger Orchid, Milk Flower, Heliotrope
BASE NOTES: Amber, Vanilla Beans, Brown Sugar, Sandalwood

It sinks right into my skin and feels so luxurious, I could just smother myself in it every day. However because this product is on the pricey side I try to resist and only use it on the weekend if I am going out or if I need a little pick me up. This soufflé has vitamins a, c, and e for nourishment, shea butter for moisturizing, and a ton of other good-for-your-skin ingredients. The consistency is ultra-whipped, super soft, but not greasy.



My overall thoughts?

I love it. It smells fantastic, it absorbs quickly, and it’s super hydrating. Plus, the packaging is luxurious and looks very chic on my dressing table. I like to use this right after I have stepped out of the shower, while my skin is still damp, because I find that this locks in the moisture and I end up using less of the product. It’s a bit pricey, but it will be something that I repurchase. It’s heaven!


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