Quick and easy brown smokey eye 💁


Welcome back and welcome to my first YouTube video!

Now of course I am no make up artist, I just have a love for all things beauty and collecting as much make up as possible! I created my own ‘easy’ version of a brown smokey eye, I think brown is a lot more forgiving then using black which can look harsh for everyday use. If you want to see how to really whip up a dramatic, perfectly executed winged-out lid look then I’d point you in the direction of NikkieTutorials who is just a makeup QUEEN. Though I like to intensify things eye-wise for more of an evening look, day to day I like to keep things parred back in the eyeshadow department and recently I’ve shifted from preferring shimmers to matte formulas. There’s something about a matte eye that’s kinda ’90’s and eternally chic. Sorta sexy, sorta understated, extremely wearable – whatever the occasion.


Most palettes have a handful of matte shades swimming amongst more sparkly colours, but the Kat Von D shade + light eye contour pallete (I originally bought mine from Debenahms but they seem to have sold out) bucks that trend and is a glimmer-free zone, which is why right now in the midst of my matte obsession it’s basically the only palette that I’m reaching for. Sure, it’s pricey – like real pricey – but ever since I took the purchase plunge I haven’t touched any other matte textures. In fact I had a recent cull of my eyeshadow palettes and singles because this product contained so many superior dupes. The texture is creamy and buttery and not patchy at all, like some other mattes can be. I still use a primer, like I do with any ol’ eyeshadows, but the longevity is there and the tones offered are on point.


I took the shade Iactus on a Morphe M511 brush to set the eye primer, this will give a blank canvas for the other shadows to sit on, also it will help enhance the shadow colours. Next I buff the shade Ludwin all over the crease with the same brush, not being particularly precise as this is the first transition colour and will make way for the darker shadows. I buff this colour right up to the brow and into the inner crease of the eye. I take the reddish brown colour called Succubus on a Morphe M513 brush and buff into the crease, but not as blown out as the first shade, going back and forth to diffuse the colour so there ‘s no harsh lines. I like to wing out whatever product is left on the brush to create a elongated eye shape. To define the crease even more I buff the neutral brown shade called Samael with a Morphe M433 brush into the crease, keeping the product lower down and not blown out, this will create more dimension to the eye for a smooth transition from each colour. I use the colour Sytry on the lid. This is a gorgeous cool tone dark brown that glides on the lid and easily blends out without much work. I use a Mac 239 brush which is one of my favs for packing on colour. To make it extra smokey I take all these shades on the bottom lash line with a new find of mine a sigma E15 brush, this helps with precise application instead of buffing colour everywhere, I then smoke it all out with a fluffy brush with the original shade Iactus. I finish off with black eyeliner and mascara (or lashes if your extra like me).

Voila, a quick easy brown smokey eye.





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