My current everyday makeup routine

My mornings are usually a mad rush to get out the door on time for work. I get up at 5.09 (yes very precise) to go to the gym, and before you say yes I know I am mad, but I am a gym addict and the morning is when the gym is less busy. By the time I sit down and get ready for work it’s around 6.40. I reach for my staples. You know the drill. You’re barely awake, you’re watching TV with one eye and trying to check that you haven’t gone overboard with bronzer with the other, whilst also trying to eat a slice of toast and keep an eye on the clock so you don’t miss your train. I feel ya. Thankfully I have a solid summer makeup routine down so when I look in the mirror come midday, I am pleasantly surprised at what looks back at me. I mean, I am hardly seeing J.Lo-comparisons in my reflection, but my 05.09 wake-up eye bags certainly aren’t  as prominent as they could be.

So today I thought I’d share my step by step routine.



Let’s start with the most important part – base.  I am very particular when it comes to my skin care. I use my Liz Earle cleanser, toner and moisturiser in the morning and evening without fail, even if I’ve been on a night out and a bit worse for wear I would still do my 3 steps.  I then apply my benefit PORE fessional which doesn’t lie when they say ‘Quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin’. I use this primer because at the moment while I am tanned I’m not wearing foundation so this helps even out my texture. I never thought I would see the day when I don’t wear foundation to work, but my skin is on point at the moment, and a tan definitely helps.

The next step Is where the magic happens, concealer. I have recently fallen in love with Nars soft matt concealer. I use my Morphe concealer brush and lightly apply it under my eyes, but not going down in too far as I want the natural ‘I’m awake’ look. This concealer is my number 1 at the moment, it’s high coverage but looks so natural, and it hasn’t creased at all under my eyes. I also take the concealer up on my eyelid to prime for eyeshadow. I have a thing where i can’t abandon eyeshadow even when I am in a rush. I then set my under eye and eyelid with Makeup Forever Ultra HD translucent powder. A god send for anyone with large pores or fine lines. It literally blurs away those imperfections.



Next is my important step, bronzer. The miracle product that instantly gives life to your skin. As I said before I am currently not wearing foundation so I’ll use my trustee Chanel cream bronzer along my hairline, temples and cheeks. Now I look half presentable. I’ll set that with a light dusting of one of my powder bronzers. I literally use a different one each day as I just love them all, like a rota.

For blush i am currently obsessed with ‘flowerchild’ by Becca cosmetics. This is a beautiful peachy pink blush with golden highlights. So flattering. It just goes with every look and ideal for work. This blush formula is one of the best I have tried. It is so pigmented you only need the lightest hand when applying and it blends so effortlessly into the skin. There is no powder residue, it just sinks into the skin with a staying power like no other. I highly recommend. Buy buy buy.

when it comes to highlight there is no such thing as a natural look. I wear highlight without fail on any occasion. If you have read my review on my beloved highlight collection you will know how obsessed i am, the brighter the beam of glow the better. Can they see me in space? Yes! My favourite at the moment and my newest to the collection is Estee Lauder heatwave. This is so intense, I literally just dab my brush in the pan and BAM it is a blinding glow, however the colour is so beautiful on my tanned skin it never looks too over done or ashy as some highlights can look. There is no noticeable  glitter particles just pure sheen which doesn’t emphasis skin texture even with a heavy hand.



For my eyeshadow it really depends how much time I have. I would love to do a full glam cut crease with glitter and a dramatic wing liner. The dream. The reality is I usually do a Matt brown look, I have so many beautiful pallets but my go too for an easy quick look is the Kat Von D shade and light eye contour palette. If your a beginner to eye shadow I would highly recommend looking into purchasing this eyeshadow palette. The formula is so easy to work with the shadows literally just blend themselves. My go to look is a light peach in the crease and fluffed out up to the brow, medium brown into the crease and chocolate brown on the outer V, simple but effective. Finally I go in with my Benefit ‘They’re real’ mascara and call it a day with my eyes.

The brows are a hot mess at the moment as I am growing them for my tint and shape at the weekend. I don’t have time to use a brow pencil or gel so I go in with my trusty benefit gimme brow. Gemmi brow is a tinted eyebrow gel that has microfibers that adhere to skin & hairs, creating natural-looking fullness and definition. quick and super effective.


Lip-wise, I’m on the nude lipstick train and it’s going 100mph and I’m into it. Of course there are some old favourites like MAC Kinda Sexy and Brave and the ultimate high end brand Tom Ford Blush Nude which is raved about at the moment. My current go to is Charlotte Tilbury Penelope pink which is super hydrating, great for a dry lip girl like me, it also fades so beautifully I haven’t got to keep re applying and checking myself out in the mirror every 10 minutes. I am a gloss addict and I have recently discovered Marc Jacobs glosses, the best formula for a gloss I have tried to date. It gives the lips a super wet look without the gloop and stickiness, you also get a minty scent. The shade Pretty Little Thing is my everyday easy colour. MWAH.

To set everything in place and to make sure it lasts the full 12 hour day, I drench my face in Urban Decay all nighter setting spray.

Work proof makeup!



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