Face masks for instant results


Glamglow Gravity mud firming treatment – £42

A mud-based, peel-off mask designed to tighten the appearance of skin and lift for a youthful-looking complexion. The skin’s contours are given a defined and radiant look.

Does it actually work?

I first saw this mask on YouTube when all the beauty gurus where using it. The mask has a chrome finish which makes you look like a tin man. I was sold! Who doesn’t want to look a tin man? I researched as always before I made the purchase and there were a lot of mixed reviews, but I was sucked in by the YouTube hype and bought the mask anyway after weeks of waiting for it to be back in stock.

The mask comes with a cute little brush which is handy as the consistency is sticky and gooey so applying with your hands would not be ideal. The smell is what I love the most; an aroma of sweet marshmallow fills the air when you apply a thin layer to your face. Once applied this is where you can just stare at yourself in the mirror admiring the silver metallic finish. Such fun. I usually leave mine on for around 30 mins before it starts to peel around the edges; I have yet to peel off the mask all in one. That requires some skill! I then wash my face to get rid of any bits of mask I have missed, usually around my hair line and then I am left with my face smooth and silky. I honestly didn’t think this mask would achieve anything apart from looking pretty, however my pores look tighter and my skin looks brighter. I use this mask once a week and I also find using this mask before applying makeup is a match made in heaven. Make up glides effortlessly on the skin and any texture is minimised dramatically. I would definitely recommend this mask, its fun, smells divine and works a treat without the gunky mess.


Aztec  secret, Indian Healing Clay mask – £10

‘World’s most powerful facial’.

Okay, that is a slightly dramatic statement but I must admit this mask is pretty amazing.

This mask comes in a powder form made from Bentonite clay, and you seriously get a lot for your money. I bought a 1lb jar for £10 on Amazon around a year ago and I am I still have half jar left. The consistency is very fine and airy with no smell. It is advised to mix with apple cider vinegar which is to balance the PH or water which will make the mask less powerful. I usually add 1tsp to a non-metal bowl with 1tbsp of apple cider vinegar. Mix the two together with a non-metal spoon until the consistency is like a mousey texture, you don’t want it to be too runny otherwise it will not sit on your face. Apply an even layer over your face, avoiding your eyes, then wait until the mask becomes dry and tight. You will notice a pulsing sensation which is normal; I love this feeling as I imagine the gunk being sucked out of my face. After around 20-30 minutes wash off the mask, I like to soak it first then with gentle circular motions wipe away. Your face will be slightly red after but don’t fear this is normal and will disappear after 10 minutes.

The results are noticeable straight away. The other day I had one of them annoying underneath spots that actually hurt; they are the hardest to get rid of. The spot size decreased considerably and looked less angry. Using this mask as spot treatment for a couple of days will eradicate them pesky blemishes for good. This mask is a staple in my skin regime and my go to for clear skin.


Lancôme Genefique sheet mask – £59

Lancôme’s “Second Skin Mask” is a 20-minute mask for immediate visible results: after just one use, your skin will look instantly fresh, smoother and radiant.

This is one of my favourite sheet masks. The sheet adheres gently to the contours of your face, almost like a second skin, and replenishes skin with moisture, leaving it visibly smoother and more radiant.

I usually use this sheet mask if I am going out for a special occasion or if my skin is super dry as this face mask is EXPENSIVE, £59 to be exact, however you get 6 in a pack and that works out under £10 a mask, which makes it totally acceptable to splurge. It is so easy to use, you simple unfold the mask and place over the contours of your face, sit back , relax and pretend your being pampered in a spa.

In my eyes this sheet mask is worth every penny, you receive instant results after just one use. I notice immediate radiance, plumping, smoothness and softness. My skin looks so dewy and healthy after just 30 minutes, you will never want to be without these masks, I get excited every time I use one. A hefty price tag but if you want gorgeous glowing skin this is a must.


An “instant facial” to brighten and energise the look of dull, fatigued skin. Formulated with cranberry and turmeric, this invigorating formulation helps to visibly even the look of skin tone while the crushed cranberry seeds gently exfoliate for smoother, brighter, illuminated-looking skin.

I’m not going to lie I was drawn to this face mask because it’s orange! My favourite colour, but I am so glad I picked it up. The texture is a rich creamy consistency which dries down to yellow-orange hue. I don’t experience any tingling or soreness just tightening as it dries. After gently washing off the mask with warm water the mixture softened and absorbed into the skin as  the cranberry seeds gently exfoliated the skin.

Although I personally loved the texture and ritual of the entire mask process, it was the formula that really impressed me. Not only was my skin smooth and supple after rinsing, but it was noticeably brighter and luminous. Thanks to anti-inflammatory turmeric extract paired with cranberry extract and cranberry seeds, which are rich in resveratrol (a top antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient), this mask actually makes my skin glow in 10 minutes. And as if that wasn’t enough, it got better the next morning. That’s right, my skin was actually better the next day. Because I felt so hydrated after washing, I didn’t need to pack on the moisturizer that night, thus allowing me to wake up with non-oily, still nourished skin the next day. If you need a pick me up this is the mask for you.

I don’t tend to use this face mask anymore (insert sad face) because I am currently having microdermabrasion every four weeks, which consists of deep exfoliating. Too much exfoliating can cause blemishes and sensitive skin.

What mask will you buy?

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