Pearl is always right

A modern spin on a classic fashion statement.

When I think of pearls I think of the 1950s Chanel, Hollywood and rich elegant women striking a sultry pose but I also think of Grandmothers and Cockney pearly king and queens.

However the catwalk has given iconic wardrobe pieces a makeover and they’ve been given a heavy dose of cool-girl edge.

Formal wear only? Nope. Instead you can find classic pearls wrapped around chokers, stacked on rings and layered on clothing. The new pearl fashion frenzy is worlds away from the stuffy single strings you’d find at the bottom of your grandmother’s jewellery box. why stop at clothing, add a pearly glow to your complexion with a iridescent liquid illuminator or hairpins to glamourise your updo.

How to wear pearls

When it comes to pearls, it’s important to give the Stepford Wife-look a wide birth. Instead, get provocative and pair your drop earrings or cluster rings with garb that has a little edge. Mix different metals such as gold and silver with your pearl jewellery to make it look less ‘pretty’.

From rock ‘n’ roll band tees to ripped jeans and leather, the dainty pearl offers a touch of femininity to the toughest of ensembles.

Don’t fret if your budget doesn’t stretch to the likes of Chanel the trusty high street has plenty of choice so we can all be ladies for the day in our own fashionable way. Zara has outshone them all and come out with adoring everything from jeans to shirts with imitation pearls.

What piece will you go for?

Earrings, £12.99, Zara
Bag, £59.99, Zara
Sweatshirt, £32.99, River Island
Necklace, £22.50, Marks & Spencer
Trainers, £79, Miss KG
Denim shirt, £14.99, Zara
Bag, £29.99, Zara
Dress, £55, Topshop
Earrings, £8.50, Topshop
Sliders, £39.99, Zara
Jeans, £39.99, Zara
Shirt, £25.99, Zara

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